Parndon Mill

Parndon Mill

Arts Council funding for Parndon Mill

We are thrilled to announce that in March 2020, Parndon Mill successfully applied for funding from Arts Council England. This is incredibly encouraging for our creative community. Having developed Parndon Mill fairly independently for the last fifty years, we are looking forward to working with partners to create robust plans for a sustainable future.

With this funding, we can engage professional help to deliver a sustainable development strategy to deliver even more creative engagement opportunities to a wider audience and an ever growing local community. Click here to read more details. 

For more information on Arts Council funding visit:

Welcome to our hub of creativity

In the interests of public health and safety in these unprecedented times, Parndon Mill is currently closed. Our 3700 + annual student engagements are on hold so we are busy working on little videos of some of the creative activities to share with all in the meantime. We have now opened our You Tube channel and have put up a fun making project by the remarkable Billie Achilleos, “maker of things!” We’re very good at close working and sharing hands-on skills in the studios so, please bear with us as we get to grips with the art of video – it’s going to be a challenge for all of us!

Visit the Parndon Mill youtube channel at

Parndon Mill provides workspace for artists, craftspeople, designers and architects who have the opportunity to share ideas and use their different skills to collaborate on creative work. Here it is possible to commission an original piece of artwork in media as varied as oil paint, glass, clay, fabric, stone, wood or metal. Art for an office can be purchased or hired, commercial graphics ordered or a building or a product designed. The expertise is on site and can be supplemented by numerous associates with complementary abilities and a high level of professional skill.

The Gallery on the ground floor of the mill presents a series of exhibitions of fine art and crafts and there is always a selection of artwork available for purchase.

The Project Space accommodates a variety of arts related activities including classes, workshops and events. Tuition in various creative practices is also offered in the studios for individuals or small groups.

An annual Open Studios event at the end of July invites visitors to see how and where artists work, providing an insight into the creative process.

A plea for help

In 2019 Parndon Mill launched a Borehole Appeal. Despite its location next to the River Stort, Parndon Mill is not connected to mains water as it is cut off from the town by the railway line, and thus we rely on an increasingly unreliable well. We can no longer easily provide water for the amount of visitors that we receive; we have around 3700 student engagements a year, and our annual Open Studios event brings upwards of 800 visitors over the course of one weekend. For this event, we have to borrow and transport 3300 litres of water from the local fire brigade. With a falling water table, we are in serious danger of having to cancel events like Open Studios and classes, and perhaps even close the Mill itself.

In order to allow Parndon Mill to grow, flourish and continue to deliver public engagement with the arts, we need to find a sustainable water supply. The solution is a borehole.

The cost of this project is £20,000. As a registered charity we receive no government funding, so we rely on public donations. For more information on the Borehole Appeal click here, or please donate as generously as you can at Any amount you can give, no matter how small, will help us towards our goal to maintain Parndon Mill as Harlow’s creative oasis.

We are extremely grateful to Longmores Solicitors and Dechert LLP for their pro bono work which was instrumental in Parndon Mill being granted the status of a Trust in 2016, and for their continued dedication of time and effort to this next development of our creative community.

Parndon Mill Registered Charity No. 1168202