23rd June - 31st July 

Seascapes by Neil Robbins inspired by watching the sea and the light during many visits to Cornwall,  complemented by glass dishes by Karen Murphy decorated with the theme of moving water.


Neil Robbins

“Like many artists over the centuries I have been inspired by the sea and the wild scenic landscapes of Cornwall. My art has been about journeying through Cornwall, finding its beautiful beaches, cliff tops and dark moors.

From summer through to winter the landscape like the light changes completely. I work outdoors capturing the different moods mainly in pencil, in a small sketch book that always accompanies me. Occasionally I will record impressions quickly in paint, and some of the small paintings in the exhibition have been recorded fresh on the scene.

Returning home to my Hertfordshire studio I use the pencil sketches to evoke memories, and engage in the process of working on the larger canvases. Trying to capture the essence of those feeling that had caught my imagination at the time.”

Karen Murphy

Karen used to have a studio at Parndon Mill, then worked in Hertfordshire and now has her studio in the artists’ community at The Clay Factory, on the southern edge of Dartmoor which is the inspiration for some of the new pieces in this exhibition.

“I produce artwork of all scales, from small domestic ware to large installations. I am particularly interested in making site specific work that captures the essence of a place or space. I also make a range of glassware that is inspired by rivers and waterfalls. My current work has been inspired by a tumbling waterfall and river at Lydford Gorge in Devon.

I have chosen to work with glass to express ideas of space, light and movement. The inherent qualities of the glass imbue the work with a spiritual and ethereal quality.”