Deirdre Shepherd
The pandemic coincided with Deirdre’s retirement from her part-time job. She had been planning to return to the Hebrides and Ireland to gather research for a new body of work. She had been there many times and had found it a wonderful inspiration for her paintings. Thanks to the Lockdowns, travel was impossible so she read books by nature writers including Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’, Robert McFarlane’s ‘The Old Ways’ and ‘Underland’ and Manchan Magan’s ’32 Words for Field’. She watched RTE’s John Creedon’s ‘Atlas of Ireland’ and BBC’s Martha Kearney’s ‘Great Irish Journeys’. These programmes followed the footsteps of the map makers John O’Donovan and George du Noyer who were involved in creating the first Ordnance Survey of Ireland. Deirdre returned to sketch books and photographs that she had used during a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Co. Monaghan some years ago and felt she had enough information to start painting. She used acrylic and oil paint and incorporated gold and silver leaf. She worked on a number of paintings at the same time gradually building up layers and scraping back until she achieved something which she wanted. These paintings are a memory map of the places she loves and are a personal response to the symbolic and visual aspects, colours and atmosphere of these ancient landscapes.

Nigel Earle
After a career in product and graphic design as well as printmaking, Nigel has been making ceramic pieces for the last thirteen years. His work explores forms, textures and colours reflecting such diverse influences as geology, landscape, architecture, industrial archeology and, most recently, Buddhist tradition. He loves using the natural surface textures of different clays, enhanced by use of oxides, but with only restricted amounts of applied colour and glazing. His forms range from totally enclosed spaces to open vessels. This is the third time he has exhibited at Parndon Mill.






paintings, stitch and photographs

This exhibition of floral art is by artists who each have a very different approach to the beauty of flowers. It is an interesting display of talent in various media and a delight to view during this summer.
All the works are for sale and most of the artists are willing to accept commissions.

Participating Artists
Robin McCartney, Tina Bulmer, Christine Flintham, Mitzie Green, Melanie Ewer, Magenta Kang, Val Stephenson, Evelyn Barry, Ruth Herbert, Jenny Shaw, Bob Boast, Penny Mayo, Maggie Hands, Linda Gifford