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Build Aid provides construction aid for the relief of need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster around the world.

Our core values are compassion, competence, transparency, accountability.

We are unique in that we understand the construction industry and are here to provide long term buildings which impact positively in post disaster communities long after the media attention has subsided.

Although we are a small charity, we have the professional skills to deliver high quality, low-cost permanent buildings, and work closely with local communities and partners to deliver what they need. We use local sources to support each individual project, from materials to labour to maximise our delivery. This simple but effective model reduces cost, invests in the local economy, and provides essential knowledge to communities, enabling them to continue their growth.

Our technical staff and volunteers ensure that all projects are sensibly costed, designed and built to create maximum benefit, and that they represent good value, making the best use of our supporter’s kind donations.

We believe passionately in the work we do. We hope you do to.



We were formed in February 2005, following the South East Asian Tsunami. Our first project was the reconstruction and repairs to destroyed cottages for the Balapitya fishing community in Sri Lanka.

The original concept was for Build Aid to provide technical expertise and funding for the post Tsunami rebuilding schemes utilising local suppliers, tradesmen and volunteers from the community. This would not only provide new homes but much needed money into the local economy.

Since then BuildAid has evolved from providing emergency aid, to long term community projects, using this simple but effective model to people in need across four continents. Over the past 11 years we have successfully completed numerous community development projects such as schools in Sri Lanka, a Leprosy treatment hospital in Lalgadh, Nepal, and numerous school, orphanage and hospital community building projects in Haiti.

Our work so far has only been made possible with the help and support of numerous individuals and companies who have raised essential funding for our work.



Our current programme of works focus on medical, educational and orphanage projects in the Philippines and Nepal, with a number of school and hospital rebuilding projects in need of urgent reconstruction.

We are now looking to the future, and aim to increase our capacity and scope to help many more people in vulnerable circumstances, impoverished communities, or who are still suffering from the long term consequences of natural disasters.

We will continue to create positive and lasting impact in the communities we operate in.



We believe what we offer as a charity is unique, in terms of expertise and attention to detail for each and every project undertaken, from identification through to completion.

Major disasters hit poor communities hardest, both in terms of numbers immediately affected, and through prolonged suffering during reconstruction. The need for proper project and construction management is paramount if there is not to be a significant loss of opportunity and value.

From initial needs assessments through to handover we provide professional monitoring of cost and quality, project phasing and programming.

Our technical co-ordinators and volunteers have extensive knowledge and experience of post event disaster management and response, and have delivered presentations to the UN on sustainable urbanisation.

Our knowledge and experience, research into the needs of the community, and close working partnerships with local stakeholders has created lasting and tangible impact to the lives of thousands of children and the vulnerable, across four continents.




We have developed a number of working partnerships with NGOs such as Aid Reaching Children, Rotary World Help, and Latitude for Life Foundation. Our work, alongside our partners, has created lasting and positive change to the lives of many thousands of vulnerable people in the communities we work.


Rotary World Help

Rotary World Help was formed several years ago by a group of Rotary clubs in and around Vancouver. The organisation has worked closely with BuildAid, donating much needed furnishing and equipment to hospitals in Lalgadh, Nepal and Cap Rouge Hospital in Haiti.


Aid Reaching Children

Aid Reaching Children raises funds for carefully chosen projects where children are in distress through whatever life has thrown at them; war/disaster zones, poverty, sickness, homeless and on larger scales children that are orphaned. They aim to provide children with what we all believe children have a right to:-Security, food, good health, education, a home and, of course, Love


Latitude for Life

Latitude for Life Foundation is an Australian registered, grass roots organisation which provides support, services and education to children in the Go Vap Orphanage in Saigon, Vietnam. They have also provided ongoing support and resources in providing palliative care to the many children living at the orphanage.


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