Young boy in drawing classYoung girl with finished painting

Deana Kim Page

Weekend art lessons


"I can teach anyone and everyone to paint or draw! From either a standing start....or I can help to re-awaken your dormant creativity - there are no limits to where your art will take you."

The aim of your first art workshop is to ceate a beautiful acrylic painting on A4 canvas or an amazing pencil sketch on A4 paper.  You bring an A4 printout of a photograph or image and I guide you to a great result.  This class is suitable for all levels, especially beginners.  Just simply come along with your enthusiasm, sense of humour & your desire to create!  All ages are welcome from age 6 years upwards...

Dates for Weekend Classes with Deana Kim Page.

Jan 2018
Saturday 27th Jan – 9am to 12 noon + 12noon - 3pm

Feb 2018
Sunday 18th Feb – 9am to 12 noon

March 2018
Sunday 4th March – 9am to 12 noon
Saturday 17th March - 9am to 12 noon

April 2018
Saturday 14th April – 9am to 12 noon
Sunday 29th  April – 9am to 12 noon

May 2018
Saturday 12th May – 9am to 12 noon
Sunday 27th May – 9am to 12 noon

June 2018
Saturday 9th June – 9am to 12 noon
Sunday 24th June – 9am to 12 noon

Price per class is £29 for 3 hours of amazing art.  

or If you want the best discount possible? 

Book for a set of 5 workshops for £120 (and save £20)

or for the best value EVER: 

Buy a set of 10 workshops for £190 (and save £100!).

Payment is required at time of booking. 

Book via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   website