9th September - 31st October



An exhibition of work by book and paper artist, Jo Howe and mixed media abstract painter, Caroline Lumb exploring the notion of Re-emergence. The work culminates with different approaches, at the same time complementing each other's practice.

It is a pleasure, exciting and a relief to be opening The Gallery again - a re-emergence indeed! Although we have been running an online gallery on our website, which will continue, and an exhibition viewed by appointment, it is so good to be back to “normal” and displaying the first of our scheduled exhibitions, RE-EMERGENCE. The artists, Jo Howe and Caroline Lumb, have been waiting a long time to present this exhibition which is a very interesting and intriguing one, pertinent to the times we find ourselves in. Jo and Caroline exhibit regularly together, exploring themes and ideas culminating in different approaches but complementary to each other's practice. Jo's work explores her physical responses to a variety of emotions felt. Her work emerges from the capturing of moments in time. These are produced in two and three dimensions using paper and books as her media. Caroline's work is derived from a variety of sources and illustrates re-emerging through the passage of time. It is from these sources, often initially explored through sketchbook work, that she builds abstract images, using her love of colour and mixed media.

Statement - Caroline Lumb

“the process of coming into sight or prominence once more” Oxford languages.
Whilst the past stands still, it still reaches out to the 21stC. Caroline's work looks into a past life which re-emerges through a passage of time, taking its toll and at the same time revealing more that at first seems apparent. This gives Caroline the opportunity to build something new, be it illustrating an event or the re-emergence of a structure. Caroline works in mixed media – acrylic, oil, inks, collage and on paper, canvas and board– using her sketch books as starting points and experimentation.

Statement – Jo Howe

“things of process are just beginning and are expected to become stronger or grow bigger.” collinsdictionary.com
Jo's work explores her physical responses to a variety of emotions felt. Her work emerges from the capturing of moments in time. The cacophony of these words, memories and expressive mark making are then collated; a visual expression; a revelation of the unseen. The fragility and strength of the medium are both important and underpin the meaning of the work subconsciously. The manipulation of the material, be it cutting, rolling, folding or burning is also significant, as is her repetitive and meditative process to achieve the finished piece. A cathartic experience.



paintings, stitch and photographs

This exhibition of floral art is by artists who each have a very different approach to the beauty of flowers. It is an interesting display of talent in various media and a delight to view during this summer.
All the works are for sale and most of the artists are willing to accept commissions.

Participating Artists
Robin McCartney, Tina Bulmer, Christine Flintham, Mitzie Green, Melanie Ewer, Magenta Kang, Val Stephenson, Evelyn Barry, Ruth Herbert, Jenny Shaw, Bob Boast, Penny Mayo, Maggie Hands, Linda Gifford