Current Exhibition

16th January - 23rd February 

Landscape paintings inspired by the panoramas of heathland and park; and the clutter of allotments by Lorna Brown. Complemented by ceramics by Trevor Dyer

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Lorna Brown

This selection of paintings is based on landscapes both near and a little further afield. Royston Heath, the iconic Primrose Hill, London and a local allotment site all provide interesting possibilities as subjects. The prolific growth and confusion of allotment paraphernalia, the stately view from the top of Primrose Hill looking towards Regents Park, and the panoramic expanses of Royston's heathland with its' wild orchids and ancient barrow are portrayed in this exhibition. Each place holds its own rich diversity be it semi-rural or a city location, as well as a certain familiarity – Primrose Hill not the least, being the subject of many of Frank Auerbach's paintings.

For me, the landscape denotes the connection between humanity and the planet we inhabit and can stir deep instincts. In making these paintings I have reflected on this connection, the prevailing threat to our environment, and that our futures are held in the lay of the land.

Starting with photographs and sketches, and through alteration and re-working the paint, my impression of the landscape emerges. Sometimes, when the paint is flowing well, surprising aspects are exposed that although unforeseen, are entirely relevant and influential to the piece. This is not about achieving likeness or abstraction, but through the considerations of form, colour and mark, trying to make a painting with some resonance that captures the rhythm of the landscape.

I graduated in 2000 [BA (Hons)Fine Art] following twenty years employment in Health and Careers Services and have since painted full-time. I currently work from a studio in Baldock, Herts. Exhibitions, both local and national, include three times in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Artists who have been inspirational for me include Bomberg, Auerbach, Diebenkorn, Sheila Fell and Anabel Gault.

Trevor Dyer

Trevor studied design, specialising in ceramics, at Loughborough University. He then pursued an extensive career in the ceramic industry working in Sales & Marketing and General Management roles in leading tableware brands such as Denby, Hornsea, Churchill, Steelite & Emma Bridgewater.

Throughout this time Trevor has continued to develop his own studio ceramics specialising in hand-thrown reduction fired stoneware. He enjoys the 'alchemy' of the process and makes his own glazes to suit reduction firing conditions up to 1305 C. Much of his work features exciting combinations of copper red and cobalt-rutile reactive glazes. His studio is based at his home in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.